The Dangers of Experimenting in the Bedroom and Taking Things Too Far

Experimenting in the bedroom is a great way to get rid of bedroom boredom. Many couples actually improve their entire relationship because of a little experimenting. The only problem is that some individuals do not know what boundaries should not be crossed.

Don’t get me wrong. Experimenting is a wonderful thing but if things go too far the consequences could be severe. Before you and your partner start experimenting sit down and set some boundaries. Let each other know how far you are willing to go. You should know these things before you start.

If you just decided to jump right into it and not set boundaries then someone can and probably will end up getting their feelings hurt. Some significant others seem to believe that experimentation is needed in order to fulfill desires they themselves feel incapable of fulfilling. If anything this leads to one partner feeling undesirable and neglected.

Another consequence of taking things too far is that you partner may develop a negative view about you. If you want to add another person in the mix your significant other may start to think differently about you. If you are trying to improve your relationship as a whole then keep that in mind before suggesting something over the top.

If you take experimenting too far your partner may no longer desire to have sex with you. They may avoid any type of intimacy all together. If your partner is turned off in the least bit by what you are doing then they will likely put off having sex with you for a period of time.

The one consequence you want to avoid at all cost is having your relationship come to an end because things went too far. Unfortunately, most people underestimate just how big of a deal experimenting in the bedroom can be. If you are not careful you can do more harm than good. You don’t want to end up alone just because you wanted to get wild and ended up going too far.

Remember, the key to having a successful experimentation in the bedroom is to communicate with your partner before you get started. Set limits and boundaries and agree that neither one of you will violate those limits and boundaries.

Anal Sex – The Dangers of Anal Penetration

Anal sex is perhaps one of the big “last taboos” when it comes to sexual relationships between men and women.

Most women probably try it at some time in their lives, but it’s rarely ever spoken about even between us girls (and we tell each other everything). So what’s the truth about anal sex?

Well, let’s start by saying if you like it… you absolutely love it.

And if you don’t… you really don’t.

There seems to be very little in the way of middle-ground here.

That’s women we’re talking about there.

And men?

It’s strange: they go on about it a lot, but if you get them to open up, most will tell you it’s actually inferior to vaginal sex. Yes, it tends to be tighter, but it’s drier and you have to be more gentle.

And of course some just see it as being plain “icky”.

It seems the two main attractions for men, then, are psychological: first, they like it when their women like it; and secondly, it’s the sheer naughtiness of it.

The practicalities of anal sex

Is it safe and why do some women find it so fantastic?

To answer the second question first, the anus is replete with nerve-endings, just as the vagina is. Deep penetration of the anus also necessarily stimulates the g-spot and other erogenous zones deep within the vagina. This can cause some utterly, utterly amazing orgasms.

Then there’s also that naughtiness thing again. Sometimes we girls just love to be “dirty”. And it doesn’t come dirtier than asking your lover to do it in that way. It’s an electrifying and instant turn-on for you both.

Now, the second question: is it safe?

Well, yes. With the caveat you need to take precautions because it’s NOT as safe as vaginal sex.

First, because it inevitably causes some damage to the inside walls of the anus, it makes disease transmission into your bloodstream much easier.

Thus with rare exception you’ll want to use a condom, if you’re sensible. You might also want to use a special anal-sex condom, too, because they are a little thicker and more resilient.

Secondly, you need to pay special attention to being clean. We all know what the anus is really for and what comes out of it. What comes out of that part of your body is not clean. In fact, it is incredibly dirty in biological terms. That’s why we’ve evolved to find it so disgusting — because it can kill us. We humans are basically a tube with rotting food in the middle.

You want to be clean both before anal sex and after. Your man, especially, needs to wash thoroughly before you have oral or vaginal sex after you’ve had anal penetration.

Yes, it’s inconvenient. No, it’s not really an option if you want to keep safe.

And finally take it slowly. The key to safe and successful anal sex is to lube, lube and more lube… and everything taken at snail’s pace. Get him to use his (heavily lubed!) finger to gently open you up before even thinking about using his penis.

When he does finally come to penetrate you, make sure he doesn’t ram it home like he might do in your vagina. That’s gonna hurt and possibly injure you.

Once you’re warmed up and enjoying it you can get a lot more passionate, but start off slowly, and if it hurts then you tell him to STOP (and tell him before you even begin STOP means STOP RIGHT NOW!).

Follow these simple guidelines and there’s no reason for you not to enjoy safe and pleasurable anal sex.

It’s all about being informed and knowing the “rules”

Astral Projection – Aside From Inherent Danger, Astral Sex is Safe For Beginners

Astral Projection is healthy. Astral sex during astral projection is not only healthy and safe; astral sex is out-of-this-world! An astral projection presents no danger, although many beginning to meditate have become fearful due to feelings stemming from visualizations that are largely misunderstood, astral sex is a normal occurrence on an astral plane. Unfortunately, because fear is a strong emotion, astral projections, meditations, and etheric experiences lose priority in many people’s lives after having a scary experience.

Whether feeling a dark shadowy entity has overpowered an experience or feelings of complete loss toward situational familiarity may cause an individual to wake, these are simply growing pains that astral projection beginners may experience. Unlike dreaming or near-death experiences, astral projection is deliberate and completely voluntary. The unknown energies experienced during an out-of-body-experience [OBE] will have a strong effect to a newbie, often confusing the projector by surfacing unwelcome feelings and resulting in non-participation. These are the result from stress and fears experienced in the physical world. But there is another realm opposite to the fearful creations of the mind.

Sex is one of our most powerful emotions, a primal urge stronger than all others, even among other creatures in the animal kingdom! This strength also can lead to serious energy trauma that rises from our waking physical lives. Because the sensations from OBE and physical situations can cause this energy to compound by moving back and forth between the two realms, an erotic OBE can much more intense in the physical realm. Genital and base centers are always involved in this sexual energy projection, and orgasm occurs most of the time.

As erotic projection advances, sexual energies feed the subconscious which operates from the conscious memory then magnifies the experience during the projection. Fantastically, age, physical condition, sexual behavior, and inclination have no effect on the OBE since the mind is largely fed by the subconscious and not by the limitations in the physical domain. Once the projector becomes more comfortable with astral projection, leading an adventure through the semi-conscious becomes more feasible and can also allow the projector to see past the dark unknown.

With practice anyone may become, live in or thrive within their wildest fantasies. Interestingly enough, the identity that you begin to observe and discover may surprise you once the sub-conscious begins speaking and you decide to listen. Where you begin is up to you, wherever you end up will definitely surprise you!